About Dan Neufeld


Dan is truly an eclectic musician. Based in Los Angeles, he is an instrumentalist, composer, arranger --- and whistler --- who has enjoyed an extremely successful career as a violist in the Hollywood studios, having played on hundreds of sound recordings and over a thousand motion pictures.

Coming from a family of musicians, Dan’s interest in music came at a very early age. “There was a violin in my hands as far back as I can remember, and I was always banging something out on the piano." A music major at UCLA, he earned his master's degree in music composition.

When asked how he got started whistling, he said “when I was around five years old I noticed my father was whistling, and soon I was whistling, too. The vibrato came to me quite naturally, but not until I was around eighteen or nineteen --- at that point I knew I was a 'real' whistler."

The CD project began as a simple demo recording. "Since a few people in the music business knew what I could do, I did have some opportunities to whistle on a few movies and various other projects, but I never really considered 'promoting' myself as a whistler. Finally, I decided to make a demo and pass it around town. It started out with a few songs, and for a demo, that would have been enough. But the recording process was so much fun I kept coming up with new material. You only need a few songs to show what you can do --- so by the time I had seven or eight, it occurred to me that I was making a CD. Then I decided to add strings. When the string session was over, I knew I had something special on my hands - then came all the mixing and finally the finished CD”.

In his recently released album “Whistler”, Dan exhibits an expertise for whistling unlike any other whistler. One might believe that whistling is pretty much something that comes naturally to most people without too much thought or instruction. However, over the years Dan has developed his talent for whistling into an art form, like a fine violinist or singer, using a kind of circular breathing which allows for seamless phrasing and contributes to the subtleties and nuances displayed on his new record. Dan is also responsible for all of the orchestral arrangements as well as the production of this CD.

As a whistler, Dan has found that one of his biggest challenges is finding the right material, although he seems to have had no difficulty with that on his new release --- the song choices are brilliant. When asked what success as a whistler means to him, Dan replied, “being able to express one's self – in tune” – and that’s exactly what he does - in a vibrant way.